Shahriar Yazdipour

Software Engineer | UI-UX enthusiast



My Skills

Mobile development 📱‍

Have Enough Experience with C# [UWP, XamarinFroms]

I have built more than 10 UWP applications, but the only couple of them are available for Mobile[iTehran, Subtitler, BlackReader] and I just start using Xamarin Native in my projects and I think, I am good at it!

Have Enough Experience with JAVA [Android]

I have built an Enterprise application for Gas Company (involves GIS Technology + Custom Map rendering + Offline Navigation) and we are selling it over the country.

Currently, I am working on our startup application which is about Indoor mapping and navigation with Bluetooth beacons.

Also, I have experience with Tensorflow Light for my University course project.

Intermediate: Kotlin, Flutter, XamarinNative

Novice: ReactNative, Swift [iOS]

Desktop development 💻

Have Enough Experience with C# [UWP, WinForm]

I have built about 10 UWP Apps, most of them are for Desktop Users and have a great desktop experience and great XAML UI [PocketX, GithubX, Subtitler, YDM, ...].

Also, I have built a couple of WinForm applications for a Medical engineering company for their hardware.

Have Enough Experience with JAVA [Swing]

I have built a multiplayer 2D game many years ago. Which It had Server and Client side and I implement whole MultiThread WebSocket service from the ground up.

Intermediate: WPF

Machine Learning / AI 🤖

Took Deep Learning Course with Keras

I had taken a course in Rajaie University, focusing on Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

Have Experience with Python DataMining Libraries [Pandas, Scikit-learn]

For my Bachelor Thesis, I published an IEEE Conference Paper which I worked on a Recommender System, using Pandas and scikit-learn.

Have Experience with ML Cloud Services [Microsoft CustomVision]

For a university course, I use Microsoft CustomVision for a Persian MNIST application.

Novice: Tensorflow

Web development 🌐

Have Experience with PHP

I have built a couple of APIs for my side project applications. Like Subtitler and YDM (Youtube Downloader). Many years ago, I tried developing a social network, but I left the project.

Intermediate: ASP.NET Core, Docker

Novice: Django

Web Design 👓

Have Enough Experience with VueJS

Now, I mustly develop my JS Client Application with VueJs.

Have Enough Experience with CSS, SASS

CSS is a little painful, but I still love building beautiful websites using SASS and CSS. I also love using Kube CSS Framework and Bootstrap.

Have Enough Experience with jQuery

Years ago when I used to do front-end, I used jQuery a lot. Still, I can remember most of the things.

Novice: Angular, TypeScript

UX / UI 🎨

Have Experience with Adobe XD

I have designed a couple of concepts using AdobeXD and I'm good at it, but I do not see myself as a Professional UI Design working for big companies.

Intermediate: Adobe Photoshop

Novice: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator

Security 👩‍💻

Have a Little Experience with RFID Security

I have worked a bit on capturing and cloning NFC/RFID devices.

Have Experience with Sub-1 GHz Signal Security

I have tried Capturing and regenerating Sub-1 GHz using and I tried opening garage doors using RTLSDR and CC111 chip.

Have Experience with Web Package Sniffing

I know how to work with BurpSuite and Wireshark.

Have Experience with Wifi Security

When I was younger, I used to know a couple of WEP, WPA-WPS, WPA security issues and how to attack them.

Novice: OS Security, Metasploit